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Haunted Highways – Elbow Road



Virginia is full of haunted roads, but there is one road in the Hampton Roads, VA area that is thought to be the most dreaded and darkest roadway in Virginia… Elbow Road. This road snakes through a heavily wooded area with no streetlights, and its dangerous curves have claimed the lives of many people over the years. Because of that, it’s not surprising to hear that Elbow Road is said to be haunted.

Mrs. Woble

One of the many spirits that is said to haunt Elbow Road is the spirit of Mrs. Woble. The story goes that Mrs. Woble left her home one night, never to be seen again. When her neighbors did not see or hear from her in a while, they called the police. The police investigated her house, and they saw that her back door was broken into, glass was left on the floor, and the lights and TV were left on. Her dinner was left on the table, untouched. And judging from the plate of congealed food, she was gone for quite some time. Her car keys were still in the house and nothing was out of place. But, when the police investigated the upstairs of the home the scene was horribly different. Mrs. Woble’s


bedroom was a scene of butchery and bloodshed. The bedroom walls were covered in blood, and according to the officers investigating, the bedroom looked like someone was ripped apart in the room. But, Mrs. Woble’s was nowhere in sight. The disappearance of Mrs. Woble has never been solved. Her body was never found. To this day, it’s been said that her spirit haunts Elbow Road. She is seen walking near the curve where her home once stood. Witnesses have reported seeing Mrs. Woble wearing a pale colored house-dress that is streaked with blood, stumbling around as she walks the road in the direction of the curve in the road. People also claim to see “lights from a house” at the edge of the woods. But, upon investigation, they discover the home no longer stands.

The “jogger”

Another haunted tale from Elbow Road involves a man in shorts who died one night while jogging down the road. No one knows the identity of the man, but legend has it he was jogging in the dark and a truck slammed into him, not having anytime to stop. According to the legend, a motorist saw the truck slam its brakes and then speeding off… potentially, a hit and run. Witnesses called the police, but the driver was never caught. But, they say the jogger’s spirit still “jogs” down Elbow Road at night. People have reported driving by him on the legendary road, donning his signature shorts, and has been noted as having an “indescribable expression.”


By John Kuykendall

Author The Devils Highway


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